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Because labels are overrated.

Let's get personal!

Here are some facts about me.



Proud Mom of Four



Aries/Taurus Cusp

Love Coffee

Collects Horror Toys


what i

value the most.

Being as curiously creative as often as I can.

Creating with intention.

Creating with respect.


my culture

& Family.

Cultivating community through connection.

Business should always

get personal.

I'm generated by my personality, cultural values and charged by my work ethic. 


How I became an entrepreneur 

I'll never forget the first time I ever considered myself an entrepreneur.

Truth be told, I had always been an entrepreneur unbeknownst to me. At age 9, I was making money at the flea market where my parents owned a business. I would walk around the market on busy days with "dancing beans" and charge people $3 to see the "magic." That was the first precise entrepreneur moment I clearly remember.


By age 13, I was making money from serving at my parents’ food stand. They would not pay me but told me I would get paid by tips, depending on how nice I was to the clients. That summer, I was averaging $500 in tips every weekend.


By age 14, I started a small business operation at the same flea market where my parents had a food stand. About 100 small business owners would set up their booths on Fridays and take them down on Sundays. I started charging some of them $85 to set up and take down the booths and hired my then-boyfriend to help. (LOL) 

As a young adult, my first "real"  job consisted of selling cellphones. Then i worked public relations for two dental offices, where i was responsible for bringing in clients. After realizing the office was not paying me enough ($10 per client) when each client averaged them 3-10k, i knew it was time for me to do something independently. So I quit and worked part-time at a print shop while i learned all about the digital world from graphic design, branding, print, websites, and digital marketing. 

Through all this, I learned how to handle customer service, negotiate, & make sales. 

Fast forward to 2016, when I first started Calamar Designs after identifying a gap in high-quality, affordable services in my industry. 


As the autodidact that I am, I knew I had an eye for design, I had talent, & I had grit. My unique personality and young expertise were critical to Calamar Designs' success.


I have helped over 80+ business owners grow and enhance their brands, customer service, user interaction, and communication with their clients.

GLP Logo White BG.JPG

Grooveline Productions

Sheira of Calamar Designs is a very skillful designer who is passionate about what she does. Her love for design comes through to the product and tells your company story.

Floor Solutions Resurfacing 0720 AEL cop

Floor Solutions Resurfacing

Our company has worked with Calamar Designs for the past six months; they are attentive and, most of all, honest. When we came to them, we were told what to expect through the beginning of the process, and they came through with exactly what they said they would do. They manage all our social media, set up our ads, and teach us how to take care of our customers, giving excellent customer services. Our company has seen a steady phase of work even on the most challenging months of the year for our industry.


Kings Painters

We hired Sheira to redo our website, handle our social media and run our digital marketing. With her help, we have learned to set up systems that work for our clients, experienced a great amount of growth, and closed big commercial jobs. We highly recommend her to all business owners you won't regret it. 

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