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I help boutiques & e-commerce stores
generate sales through digital outlets. 

Are you a small business that
sells products?

We help boutique & product owners sell their products online by creating, websites and digital ads for your website. 

How We Help E-Com Business Owners 

Create a niche focus product website
Create Digital Ads on Facebook, IG, Pinterest, and Google. 

Create monthly content for your shop with new products, sales, and behind-the-scenes. 


We helped this boutique generate sales and brand recognition. 

Are you looking to take your business to new heights in the digital world? Look no further! We specialize in transforming online businesses into thriving success stories. Let us share with you an inspiring case study of one of our clients, Cloth & Steele, and how we helped them achieve unprecedented growth and success. When Cloth & Steele first approached us, they had faced challenges with their previous static WordPress website, which didn't align with their goals. Our team of experts stepped in and recommended a game-changing switch to the versatile and accessible platform, Wix. With our strategic guidance and Wix's powerful e-commerce capabilities, Cloth & Steele's online presence transformed dramatically: Dynamic E-Commerce Platform: We empowered Cloth & Steele to take full-fledged orders and facilitate seamless transactions through their new Wix website. Customers could now purchase their exquisite products with ease. Efficient Business Management: Our streamlined solutions allowed Cloth & Steele to handle inventory, generate USPS shipping labels, and manage their mobile boutique operations, all from one convenient location on Wix. Targeted Rebranding: Understanding the importance of a strong brand image, we guided Cloth & Steele through a rebranding journey, targeting their ideal clients effectively and giving their business a fresh and captivating identity. Effective Marketing Strategies: Our team excelled in creating compelling social media content, running impactful advertising campaigns, and driving substantial traffic to Cloth & Steele's website, resulting in increased visibility and customer engagement. Comprehensive Website Support: We took the burden off Cloth & Steele by meticulously managing and maintaining their website, ensuring it always remained up-to-date, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. Personalized Touch: To leave a lasting impression, we designed custom tags and printed materials that elevated Cloth & Steele's brand presence, making them stand out in a competitive market. The results were astounding. Cloth & Steele experienced remarkable growth in their online sales, elevated customer satisfaction, and an expanding client base. If you're seeking a team that can bring your business to the forefront of the digital landscape, Sheira A is the partner you can trust. Our expert services encompass website development, e-commerce solutions, branding, marketing, and much more. Let's work together to turn your business dreams into reality. Take the first step towards success by scheduling a consultation with us today. We look forward to collaborating with you on your journey to unparalleled success!

Here's How we help you scale 🆙

  1. We'll build a Dynamic E-Commerce Platform (website + CRM system

  2. Create High-Quality ADs + Content through social media. 

  3. Train you through our boutique success systems. 

  4. Brand Establishment + Position to get you on the #1 page of Google.

  5. Get reviews from your clients for you. 


Our E-Commerce 

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  • Owner Operator

    Every month
    Perfect for owner operator business looking for lead gen & growth through SEO.
    Valid for 12 months
    • SEO Market Research to Local Competitors
    • 5 monthly pages of keywords
    • Google Search Console Connection
    • 3 Backlinks
    • 1 Automation
    • Website Redesign on First Month
    • Monthly Reports
  • Small Business

    Every month
    Perfect for small business owners with a team looking for consistent lead gen & growth through SEO.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Hyper Local SEO Market Research
    • 12 pages of Hyper Local SEO keywords
    • 3 Backlinks
    • Google Search Console Connection
    • Website Redesign First Month
    • Google Ad Management
    • Monthly Reports
    • 1 Facebook Ad Set up & Management
    • 1 Automation
  • Local Business Growth

    Every month
    Perfect for established businesses looking for brand recognition & Lead Gen through custom plans
    Valid for 12 months
    • 18 pages of hyper local keywords
    • BiWeekly Reports
    • 5 Backlinks
    • 3 Facebook Ads (optional)
    • Google Ad Management
    • Growth of Reviews
    • Google Search Console Connection
    • Service Funnel Pages
    • Website ReDesign First Month (if needed)
    • Website Updates
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